A Look at The Yankee Chicken Company




Who are they?


What’s more mouthwatering than a roast chicken in the cold, winter months and BBQ wings in the summer?! If you’re looking for a fresh, pasture-raised chicken to cook for your family, look no further than The Yankee Chicken Company. Owned and run by husband and wife team, Ray and Victoria Lee, The Yankee Chicken Company is based out of Willington, CT. What started as a small, part-time gig raising chickens for family and friends, quickly grew into a full-time farming business, now selling pasture-raised chicken products at the Ellington Farmers Market and all over the northeast!

What do they sell?


If it’s a chicken product, The Yankee Chicken Company has got it! Selling everything from whole birds to chicken broth, sausages, and pot pies (a best-seller in the colder months!), The Yankee Chicken Company is a one stop shop for all your chicken products year round! The Yankee Chicken Company focus solely on raising pasture-raised chickens, so you know you’re getting a quality product from expert farmers every time.


Why Yankee Chicken?




Not all chickens are raised equally, and this makes an absolute difference in not only the overall quality of the product, but also the taste. The Yankee Chicken Company’s chickens are completely pasture-raised. This means that all chickens are raised outside in floorless shelters and constantly roaming grassy fields. Most supermarket chickens are raised in tight, confined shelters, and even organic or “free-range” chickens might only have a couple hours of outdoor access a day! The Yankee Chicken Company raises happy birds that are fed natural, non-GMO feed, which means a better quality product for you and your family.  You can see all their products at www.theyankeechickencompany.com and follow them on facebook and instagram

Ray and Victoria Lee


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